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Summer heat and humidity can cause your horses or other livestock to sweat more, increasing the attraction of flies and other biting insects to your barn or livestock facility. With 20 years of experience and knowledge of controlling insects commonly found around livestock, our focus has been to manufacture an effective and easy to install system requiring little maintenance.

Our Barn Fly Spay Systems are made of the highest grade materials on the market that will kill and also repel more than 300 types of insect including flies and mosquitoes. Each time-released system is designed to spray a fine mist through nozzles that are mounted in and around livestock holding pens. The nozzles are connected with high pressure tubing to the reservoir and control unit that emits the mist at preset intervals. With Barn Fly Spray Systems you will have a controlled environment in and around your livestock facility protected from harmful insects and also helps prevent the spread of West Nile Virus.

Barn Fly Spray System Kits

Our easy-to-install kits come with everything you need
to complete the installation of the Barn Fly Spray System, including the insecticide.

20' of Black, White, Tan or Clear Tubing is Included with Each Nozzle

 Type of Kit
Each kit will provide coverage for the number of
months indicated below before requiring refilling.

 2 Nozzles Kit 25 Months  $      887.38
 4 Nozzles Kit 12  Months  $      924.60
 6 Nozzles Kit 8  Months  $      961.82
 8 Nozzles Kit 6 Months  $      999.04
 10 Nozzle Kit 5 Months  $   1,036.26
 12 Nozzle Kit 4 1/2 Months  $   1,073.48
 14 Nozzle Kit 4 Months  $   1,110.70
 16 Nozzle Kit 3 1/2 Months  $   1,147.92
 18 Nozzle Kit 3 Months  $   1,185.15
 20 Nozzle Kit 2 1/2 Months  $   1,222.36
Each kit is expandable up to 70 nozzles
Installation is offered in most areas, if you are interested please contact us about locating a dealer near you.

Typical Barn Layout

Cover and Sleeve

Cover and Sleeve:
If the desired location for the system reservoir and control unit is outdoors, a system cover is recommended to protect the unit from the elements. We offer two types of protection; a basic black cover used primarily inside barns or shops to keep the unit free from dust, or a two-piece tan cover and sleeve perfect for keeping the unit protected from mother natures' elements while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Optional Remote Control

Remote Control:
Your system is setup to be completely automatic giving you carefree control of insects. However, as temperatures rise and the insect population grows you may wish to run an extra cycle of spray for more effective control of the pests. We've made this easier by offering a wireless remote control. With just a push of a button you can have added protection in creating a protective environment for your outdoor activities.

*See Equipment Page for Pricing